Getting the right medication at the right time is a vital part of staying healthy, and we support our members with pharmacies at our AltaMed locations and a large network of affiliates. The pharmacy is located in the same facilities where you receive care, so it’s more convenient for you.

Whether you’ve been prescribed a one-time prescription or you are managing a chronic condition, it’s good to know you can find a caring and knowledgeable pharmacist who will make sure that you’re getting the appropriate medicine. If you take maintenance medications, you’ll love the fact that we use Sync My Meds, a program that ensures you’ll always have enough of your medication.

We Can Help You with Your Pharmacy Needs

Medication is often an unexpected expense – and we’ll always help you find a way to get the prescriptions you need. All pharmacies at AltaMed and our affiliated locations offer lower-cost generic drugs that are just as effective as the “name-brand” alternatives. We also have a program that provides insulin and supplies to patients with diabetes. Our pharmacies offer free and confidential consultations, and we’re happy to help you understand your options.

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